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BlushBerry Boutique CIA File

Welcome to BlushBerry Boutique!

If you have came across BlushBerry, the beauty and makeup blog that is boiling with fame (yea right... but I shall dream on) this is actually the sister site.

There are over 200 blogshops in Malaysia currently. I must be out of my mind to start a blogshop when the market is so saturated!!

but it all boils down to this, BlushBerry boutique is different from the others because :
1. Each collection has a different theme
so you can get a variety of clothes each time a collection is launched. Sometimes it will be retro, sometimes vintage, sometimes oriental..you get the idea.

2. I designed and sew some of the clothes
If you came across some really cool and neat designs but the sewing seems homemade, without tags.. that's my own design. They are all limited editions but I do accept requests to remake in a certain colour.

3. I will be able to make clothes from any design that you send me
I will even launch it in a collection (providing u knew bout this secret once you read this CIA file)

4. I don't give a fuck about reviewer's blogs
I do not mind the publicity, in fact I love it but I dislike the gossip and bitching in the blogshop owner's cliques.. so I try to stay away from close relations with most of them. Thus, I do not really care if people flame me in any blog especially Fashion Truth. I will not bother to reply...if you wanna shoot me or verbally rape me, email me at itsablushberry@gmail.com. I'll bare my body for you to release your anger.

Let me tell you the story on how BlushBerry Boutique was started :

Once upon a time, I started BlushBerry : focusing on beauty, makeup and fashion articles. My earnings are all from the cosmetics that I sell there. The sales were fantastic online but during bazaars, it is freaking slow.. cuz come on, who would wanna spend 80 bucks on makeup when they can get 2 or 3 clothes with 80 bucks. Even I wouldn't.

Other than selling cosmetics, I do design work as well. I have revamped quite a number of blogs.. getting more and more requests each time. One of my customers, Bunny Noo.
Why Noo? Why Bunny? What kinda name is that???
This you have to ask her.
but she was the most problematic client of mine at that point of time, resulting in a truce dinner after the job was over. We hit it off really well and after a few mahjong sessions and bullshitting nonsense with each other now and again, we got involved in the Sequence Fashion Show.

I was actually supposed to do the makeup but I decided to launch my online boutique during the event. Hence, I was her tortured pupil in the art of running a blogshop. After grueling hours of punching the sandbag..(actually she was the one being tortured into cutting my fabric for me), I was ready to up and go!

The moral of the story is : everyone has the potential to be an angel in your life.

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